Castillo y Castillo promotes the development of tourism and energy businesses in the Dominican Republic

For over 35 years Castillo y Castillo has been assisting important companies in the tourism and energy sectors in their establishment in the country and mitigating the risks associated with its businesses.

Castillo y Castillo inspires confidence and security in its clients. Its name is synonymous with solidity, tradition and prestige. With over 80 years in the market, this renowned firm has been characterized as a pioneer in providing legal services for banking, tourism and the energy sector in the Dominican Republic at the highest level.

As a law firm that knows how to adapt to the times and that evolves in its commercial and professional vision, Castillo y Castillo reaffirms its commitment to assist its clients in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, to prevent and manage risks, provide advice and support them in resolving conflicts that arise. Motivated by this solid commitment to its clients, the firm has implemented the following innovations in its internal structure.

Creation of a Practice Group specialized in tourism and energy
Castillo y Castillo recently formed a practice group focused on Tourism and Energy Businesses in response to the growing demand for specialized services in these sectors of the Dominican economy. The creation of this practice is a reflection of the firm’s determination to maintaining its leadership position in the hospitality sector, and particularly in the hotel business.

This specialized unit supports tourism and energy businesses by providing:

– Assistance to investors who wish to establish themselves in the Dominican Republic in a safe and efficient manner.
– Mitigation of risks associated with these regulated businesses.
– Legal support adapted to the client’s business needs and objectives.

Appointment of new partners

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Luis Eduardo Pimentel and Sebastián Jiménez were recently promoted to Managing Partner and Partner respectively. Both have over 18 years of experience at Castillo y Castillo, and are key figures in the evolution and growth of the Firm.

Luis Eduardo Pimentel focuses his practice in corporate law, particularly advising companies in banking, capital market and intellectual property matters and is the director of the Firm’s practice unit specialized in providing legal services to financial institutions and supervises the implementation of AMLCA projects for the banking industry. In his new role as Managing Partner, Mr. Pimentel is currently focused in the implementation of new technology for efficient management and achieving the objectives and goals set by the Firm.

Sebastián Jiménez advises and assists clients in corporate, financial and real estate matters, including hotels, financial institutions and multinationals. Mr. Jiménez has also advised clients in resolving real estate and intellectual property conflicts. In addition, Sebastian Jiménez oversees the Firm´s offices in Bávaro-Punta Cana and Santiago. In his role as Partner, Mr. Jiménez has taken leadership of the Firm´s business practice together with Lic. Práxedes Castillo Báez.

The president of the Firm, Lic. Práxedes J. Castillo Báez, believes that “the appointment of new partners will help Castillo y Castillo remain as a leading office in the Dominican Republic”.

Likewise, Lic. Castillo considered the creation of a specialized unit within the Firm as “an essential element of Castillo y Castillo’s growth strategy in the banking, tourism and energy sectors, in which they are distinguished as experts, reflecting the importance that the Firm attributes to its clients in those sectors ”.

For Lic. Práxedes Castillo, achieving a deep understanding of the client’s needs in order to offer them practical solutions is part of the Firm’s DNA, which fosters strong ties with its clients over decades. ”

FIBA AMLCA certification
A team within Castillo y Castillo obtained the FIBA AMLCA certification to assist clients in the development of compliance programs that must be incorporated into their corporate governance structure, in accordance with recently enacted legislation governing the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.


About Castillo y Castillo
Since 1933, Castillo y Castillo has been characterized by ethics, trust and long-term relationships that it forms with its solid clientele based on a solid legal practice and the experience of its members. The firm has more than 40 lawyers specialized in various areas of law, distributed among its Santo Domingo, Bávaro-Punta Cana and Santiago offices. For three consecutive years, the firm has been nominated as a finalist in the “Dominican Law Firm of the Year” category for the Chambers Latin America Awards for Excellence.